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Republican lawmaker to address redistricting panel

Sen. Andy Biggs talks with legislative counsel about the redistricting commission's legal requirements during the first meeting of the Joint Legislative Committee on Redistricting Friday, Oct. 21. (Photo by Evan Wyloge/Arizona Capitol Times)

The state’s redistricting commission on Wednesday will hear a critique of its work from a legislative leader who supported Republican Gov. Jan Brewer’s failed attempt to oust the panel’s chair.

The Independent Redistricting Commission invited Senate Majority Leader Andy Biggs to brief the panel on Republican lawmakers’ criticism of its mapping processes and draft maps.

Biggs served on a legislative special committee that produced a stingingly critical report on the commission’s draft congressional and legislative districts maps.

Biggs is among Republican senators who approved Brewer’s removal of commission Chair Colleen Mathis. The Arizona Supreme Court said Brewer’s action lacked constitutional grounds.

Democratic House Minority Leader Chad Campbell also is to address the commission.

The commission is considering possible changes to the draft maps so it can approve final versions.

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