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Arizona redistricting commission meets in Tempe today

Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission Chair Colleen Coyle Mathis, left, and Vice Chair Scott Day Freeman laugh during discussions on Wednesday, Dec 7, 2011, in Phoenix. The commission has started considering possible changes to its draft maps of new congressional and legislative districts but hasn?t committed itself on what the final versions will look like. (AP Photo/Matt York)

Months behind schedule, Arizona’s redistricting commission meets Thursday in Tempe to continue work on final congressional and legislative district maps for the state.

Time is running short for the commission to meet a pre-Christmas target set by the chair for finishing final maps, with the only other meetings planned for Friday and Monday.

The commission was already well behind its goal for finishing final maps by Halloween when Gov. Jan Brewer removed Chair Colleen Mathis on Nov. 1.

Brewer’s removal of Mathis was later overturned by the Arizona Supreme Court but the failed removal and the resulting court case halted mapping work about nearly a month.

The commissioners are now considering numerous proposed changes to the draft maps that were the subject of public hearings held around the state.

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