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More than two dozen witnesses, including Sen. Reagan and Ballard, to testify in Bundgaard’s trial

The lawyer who is investigating whether Sen. Scott Bundgaard breached ethical rules over a roadside scuffle with his ex-girlfriend plans to call the woman to the witness stand.

Aubry Ballard, Bundgaard’s now ex-girlfriend, is scheduled to testify on Thursday, along with other people who witnessed the scuffle, and police officers who responded and investigated it.

This means Ballard will get to recount her version of what happened the night of Feb. 25 when her and the lawmaker got into a fight on the side of a freeway.

Meanwhile, the defense plans to have Bundgaard testify.

Also, Sen. Michele Reagan, R-Scottsdale, is on the list of the defense witnesses.

Reagan said she was surprised to learn she is on the defense’s witness list. Nobody from the defense team talked to her about it, she said.

She did speak with Kory Langhofer, the independent lawyer hired by the Ethics Committee, who asked Reagan whether she spoke with Bundgaard at the charity dance event he participated in before he was involved in the roadside scuffle.

Reagan confirmed she saw Bundgaard before the dancing started.

Reagan said Langhofer asked whether Bundgaard was intoxicated, and she said she told him “no.”

“(Bundgaard) said he was really nervous and I said, oh, I’ll get you a drink… and he said, oh no, no. I’m not drinking tonight,” Reagan said.

Reagan, who hasn’t received a subpoena to testify, said she’s not available for the Thursday hearing since she has a fundraiser in the morning and a speaking engagement in the afternoon.

“(This is) the first I heard of it so this is kind of wild,” she said, adding, “somebody needs to tell me, I guess, where I’m expected to be and when.”

Langhofer has a longer list of witnesses that also includes two ASU law professors.

Andre Merrett, Bundgaard’s lawyer, argued the law professors’ only purpose will be to testify about why Bundgaard should be expelled from the Senate.

Bundgaard, who is convinced he won’t get a fair trial, also believes the panel will recommend his expulsion from the Senate.

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