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Capitol Quotes: Jan. 13, 2012

“I guess I know where I stand.” — House Minority Leader Chad Campbell, on Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton declining his invitation to be a guest on the House floor during opening day. Stanton instead joined Senate President Steve Pierce.

“The forgotten Native American again.” — Rep. Albert Hale, D-Window Rock, speaking after a broken button on his desk panel almost left him passed over for a personal point of order during opening ceremonies. His comment brought laughter from his colleagues.

“When Ron Gould is giving a standing ovation, you know who she (Gov. Jan Brewer) is catering to. She’s catering to the extreme partisan, the tea partiers.” — Senate Minority Leader David Schapira, on Brewer’s State of the State address.

“I just knew that there was a time coming.” — Don Cardon, on his decision to leave his post as president and CEO of the Arizona Commerce Authority to focus on his personal businesses.

“It may be the only good decision they’ve made this whole time.” — House Speaker Andy Tobin, on the Independent Redistricting Commission’s decision to renumber the Prescott-centric legislative district LD-1, as has historically been done.

“There’s the simple, ‘no.’ There’s ‘ha, ha, ha, ha, no.’ There’s ‘absolutely not.’” — Sen. Don Shooter, R-Yuma, on the responses he’s given to lawmakers proposing spending bills.

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