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Obama heading to Arizona next week

President Barack Obama (AP Photo/Eva Russo - Richmond Times Dispatch)

President Barack Obama will be in Arizona the day after the State of the Union address as part of a five-state, three-day tour.

According to a White House official, Obama will be in the Phoenix area on Jan. 25. The official did not have any other details about the event.

Obama will head to Arizona from Iowa. Afterward, he will head to Colorado, Michigan and Nevada.

The Obama campaign last month established a “Swing State Victory Fund,” to raise campaign money in what it views as 11 battleground states.  Colorado, Iowa, Michigan and Nevada are on that list.

Arizona is not officially part of that strategy, though Obama’s campaign manager Jim Messina has said the campaign believes Arizona is “in play.”

Obama has visited Arizona on several occasions, including one in 2009 to unveil policy initiatives related to the housing crisis. He also visited U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and other victims after the Jan. 8, 2011 Tucson shooting rampage.

– Arizona Capitol Times Managing Editor Bill Bertolino contributed to this story.

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