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Appeal hearing to continue for former Arpaio aide

Former MCSO Capt. Joel Fox

An employee appeals hearing is scheduled to continue Monday for a top aide to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio who was fired for allegedly lying about his involvement in a group that gave money for an advertisement attacking the sheriff’s 2008 opponent.

Joel Fox is appealing the October decision to fire him.

His appeals hearing started Thursday.

Fox says he was never dishonest with authorities who were investigating the Sheriff’s Command Association.

The group gave about $100,000 in contributions from some top-ranking sheriff’s managers and wealthy businessmen to the Arizona Republican Party as Arpaio sought a fifth term.

The party gave some of the money to another group that ran a TV ad attacking Arpaio’s challenger.

The party gave back the money after the group wouldn’t provide its donor list.

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  1. This type of information will help taxpayers and voters decide whether or not to re-elect a Sheriff, who both internal and external, faces allegations of misconduct and lack of performance. This also reflects on the Arizona Republican Party and their doings. While the actions by themselves may not be illegal, it shows voters that the Party is not all it seems to be in terms of its own “righteousness”. They are mired it what appears to be “Cortez” type of manipulations and it is building on the distrust of the Republican Party and its candidates. Now, that Pearce has been appointed as second in command, what can we expect from the party? I guess they are feeling bad because they endorsed him, he lost, and so the Party lost too! “Covert” politics or what? Voters open your eyes and read through the lines.

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