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Bill would raise high school dropout age

PHOENIX (AP) — A state legislator wants to decrease the high school dropout rate by making sure students stay in school until they’re 18 years old.

Rep. Daniel Patterson introduced a bill on Thursday that increases the age a student can drop out from 16 to 18 and removes the option for students to drop out after their sophomore year.

Students under 18 will instead have to have earned a diploma or GED diploma before leaving school.

The Tucson Democrat says making students stay in school will leave them better prepared to meet requirements for college or jobs.

The most recent statistics available from the Arizona Department of Education show that about 24 percent of high school students don’t graduate.

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  1. Are schools ready for this influx of students who don’t want to be there? Once they are then perhaps this type of change should happen.

  2. I think the high school students are matured enough to make their own decisions at the age of 16, if they don’t want to go to school then there must be a reason behind it, so why force them and take their freedom away if this is supposed to be a FREE country, I always hated the feeling of “THE NO DECISION PROBLEM” and I still do, besides why change the drop out age to 18 if they would be already adults at 18 and can do anything, taking their rights away if is NO FREEDOM AT ALL.

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