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Bundgaard ally eyes House seat in 2012 election

Jeanette Dubreil (Photo from Google+)

One of former Sen. Scott Bundgaard’s most loyal allies filed paperwork last week to run for the state House of Represenatives.

Jeanette Dubreil, chairwoman of the LD4 Republican Party and Bundgaard’s former campaign manager, was already nominated on Wednesday as one of three potential replacements to finish out the term of Judy Burges, who was appointed to the Senate.

But Dubreil’s filing indicates that she intends to seek a longer term in the House.

Burges took up the seat vacated by Bundgaard after he resigned from office during an ethics investigation.

During the investigation into an altercation between Bundgaard and his then-girlfriend, Aubry Ballard, Dubreil defended the former senator despite testimony and police reports suggesting he had assaulted Ballard. In newspaper editorials, she argued that the police reports were inconsistent and contained omissions and embellishments. She also chastised the media for sensational reporting on the issue.

“I know Scott to be a good person, overwhelmingly elected by voters, now caught up in a highly unfortunate series of events,” Dubreil wrote in an April 8 letter to the Peoria Times. “Scott will be proven innocent and should not resign. Voters and juries ought to decide Scott’s fate, not journalists.”

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