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Romney visits Arizona

In this photo taken Feb. 10, 2012, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney campaigns in Portland, Maine, where he went on to win the caucus. With nine contests down, Romney leads the delegate hunt, and has both the money and the organization to compete deep into the state-by-state nomination calendar. The next contests, in Arizona and Michigan, aren't until Feb. 28, and the party with a reputation for order may have it sorted out after March 6, when 10 states get their say. But that would break sharply with this race's tendency toward uncertainty. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)

Mitt Romney campaigns in Arizona on Monday as he tries to build on a narrow win in the Maine caucuses over the weekend.

Romney is scheduled to address an evening rally in the Phoenix suburb of Mesa. The event is being held nine days before he’ll return to debate with other Republican presidential candidates in Mesa on Feb. 22.

Arizona is regarded as friendly territory for Romney, who finished a respectable second in the 2008 primary won by home-state candidate John McCain.

Romney edged Ron Paul to win the Maine caucuses over the weekend, but he lost three other contests to Rick Santorum earlier last week.

The candidates are now entering a two-week period without additional contests before Arizona and Michigan hold primaries on Feb. 28.

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