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Klein: My HOA is ‘targeting me’

Sen. Lori Klein (File photo)

Sen. Lori Klein, R-Anthem (File photo)

A first-term Republican lawmaker is claiming she’s being targeted by her homeowners association because of anti-HOA measures she has introduced.

Sen. Lori Klein, a Republican from Anthem, said the organization that is running her planned community sent her three letters, claiming she violated multiple HOA rules.

The letters, which were sent to her on March 1, were for violations she allegedly committed on Feb. 29.

Klein denied ever committing the violations.

She told reporters she was at the Capitol the whole day on Feb. 29.

“They basically are targeting me now because of my legislation,” she said. “My own homeowner association is targeting me with bogus notices, which they then can turn into fines.”

The letters said Klein’s car was being parked “every day” on a street, which the planned community prohibits; that her dogs were outside her house without a leash; and finally, that she failed to pick up pet droppings.

Klein’s HOA in Anthem could not be immediately reached for comment.

Kevin DeMenna, who lobbies for the Community Associations Institute, which represents planned communities in Arizona, said he didn’t know the details of Klein’s situation.

“(But) the notion that any form of selective enforcement occurs is just false,” he said.

Klein said she will ask for a hearing over the allegations against her.

The Anthem Republican talked to reporters about how she’s being targeted after one of her HOA-related bills was emphatically defeated in the Senate this afternoon.

Klein’s colleagues crossed party lines to sink the bill, SB1222, by a vote of 2-to-26.

Counting Klein, it would have received three ”yes” votes. But Klein changed her position to “no,” a parliamentary maneuver that is employed by sponsors to revive proposals that have died.

Klein later managed to convince the Senate to reconsider the bill’s failure.

But given its sweeping defeat, it will be a tough task to convince 13 senators — the number she needs to reach the 16-vote threshold for passing — to change their mind and vote “yes.”

Klein’s bill creates an ombudsman for communities with 100 or more homeowners whose job is to mediate disputes over fines between the community association and residents.

As defeated, the proposal mandates HOAs to notify their residents about the existence of the position and the election that will be held to fill it.

The election is envisioned to take place by October.

It also requires an HOA’s board to provide the ombudsman, who shall serve a two-year term, with training about HOA laws and dispute resolution.

Last week, the Senate also voted down a proposal by Klein to prohibit HOAs from adopting or enforcing rules regarding dogs that are stricter than local ordinances.

That measure, SB1065, also failed overwhelmingly by a vote of 6-24.

Critics said Klein’s bills were developed without input from the HOAs.

Klein charged that HOA boards had sent out “misinformation” against SB1222 to her colleagues.

She said her legislation is a check on some HOA boards, whose behavior she described as “arbitrary and capricious.”


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