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Klein’s HOA: We didn’t target senator

Sen. Lori Klein, R-Anthem, holds her Ruger LCP .380 in the Arizona Senate members lounge June 8. (AP Photo The Arizona Republic, Mark Henle)

The firm that manages Sen. Lori Klein’s homeowners’ association denied targeting the lawmaker, who has received three letters notifying her of allegedly violating the community’s rules.

The letters said Klein’s car was being parked “every day” on a street, which the planned community in Anthem prohibits; that her dogs were outside her house without a leash; and that she failed to pick up pet droppings.

“There’s no targeting. The goal of the association is to treat all homeowners with consistency and fairness,” said Amanda Shaw, president of Associated Asset Management.

Klein on Monday told reporters that her HOA was targeting her for her sponsorship of several anti-HOA bills, and she turned over the letters she recently received detailing her alleged violations.

Shaw said the timing of the letters is unfortunate.

But Shaw added the HOA can’t treat Klein differently than any other homeowner, just because session is ongoing and she’s a lawmaker.

“If we had not sent (the violation notices), then we would have been treating her differently and that’s not fair to the other homeowners either,” Shaw said.

Shaw emphasized that what Klein received were courtesy notices whose chief objectives are to let her know a complaint has been filed, and to also hear her side.

She added that errors do occur.

“We’re very open to letting us know when we’ve made an error, and that way we won’t do it again,” Shaw said.

In Klein’s case, it was another homeowner — or homeowners — who complained that she violated HOA rules.

If Klein wants to know who did it, the information is readily available since they require whoever makes a complaint to fill out a form, and the HOA, by law, is required to provide it to her if she asked for it, Shaw said.

Also, Shaw said Klein isn’t facing any fines yet.

Klein denied having committed any violations.

The letters, which were sent to her on March 1, were for violations she allegedly committed on Feb. 29.

She said she couldn’t have parked her car on the street on Feb. 29 since she was at the state Capitol from 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Senate records showed that Klein was present for the afternoon session, which started about 1:30 p.m. and lasted for about an hour.

She also attended the Government Reform Committee’s hearing, which began early that morning.

Klein complained that the notice didn’t even note her car’s license plate number.

“They basically are targeting me now because of my legislation,” Klein said on Monday. “My own homeowner association is targeting me with bogus notices, which they then can turn into fines.”

The Anthem Republican is the sponsor of several HOA-related bills, including the proposal to create an ombudsman for communities with 100 or more homeowners whose job is to mediate disputes over fines between the community association and residents.

The bill, SB1222, was soundly defeated in the Senate Monday.

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