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Brewer’s cornerstone bill delayed in House

Rep. Justin Olson, R-Mesa, says his personnel reform bill was delayed because an amendment was not finished in time to get it on today's calendar. (File photo)

The cornerstone bill in Gov. Jan Brewer’s 2012 agenda was supposed to be debated on the House floor today, but it was left off today’s House floor calendar, pushing off debate of the sweeping personnel reform legislation until later in the week.

Rep. Justin Olson, the sponsor of the legislation, said the legislation was not included on today’s calendar because legislative staff did not finish drafting an amendment yesterday in time to meet a deadline so it could be debated on the floor.

“It mostly just came down to scheduling,” said Olson, a Mesa Republican.

“I doubt there should be any problem getting it completed (today). I think it’s already done.”

Olson said he expects the bill, and the amendment, to be debated by the entire House of Representatives on Thursday.

The bill, HB2571, would make it easier to fire most state employees. Brewer has said the bill is her top priority for this legislative session.

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