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Rep. Proud wants requirement to watch abortion

Rep. Terri Proud

An Arizona legislator opposed to abortion says a woman should be made to watch an abortion being performed before having one.

Republican Rep. Terri Proud of Tucson made that comment in a March 5 email. It responded to one from an abortion-rights supporter and defended Proud’s support for anti-abortion legislation.

Proud said she’d personally like to make a law requiring that women watch a surgical abortion before undergoing the procedure. She said it would provide transparency and added that shouldn’t be a problem if women aren’t harmed by having abortions.

No provision for a requirement to watch an abortion is included in anti-abortion legislation pending in the Arizona Legislature. House spokesman Rey Torres says Proud isn’t proposing any such provision.

The email exchange was first reported by The Arizona Republic.

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  1. Terrific. I’d like to watch the much-needed lobotomy being performed on Ms. Proud. A lot of irony in that last name…

  2. Thank you Ms. Proud. All women should watch an abortion before making the decision to end their babies life. Hopefully if more woman really witnessed this grisly procedure that kills a baby they would reconsider having an abortion.

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