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Lawmakers target ingredients in ‘bath salt’ drugs

Sen. Linda Gray

A Senate committee is expected to vote Wednesday on a House bill aimed at allowing the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy to ban chemicals used in manufacturing the synthetic drug known as “bath salts.” It has side effects similar to methamphetamine or cocaine.

The bill was drafted because manufacturers found a way to tweak their formulas to keep the drug on store shelves.

The bill failed to pass earlier this week over concerns whether it was constitutional.

Phoenix Sen. Linda Gray tells The Arizona Republic the bill would allow the Board of Pharmacy to ban the sale of the modified chemicals while the Legislature isn’t in session and allow lawmakers to pass bills that would make those chemicals illegal at a later date.

Sen. Ron Gould of Lake Havasu City opposes the bill because it gives the pharmacy board too much power.

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  1. PLEASE!! PLEASE!! Keep doing EVERYTHING and ANYTHING possible to get these extremely dangerous drugs BANNED for good. . My son is going to die soon if they continue to be so easily accessible! He never sought out anything remotely similar to these synthetics, (ie. .Meth,cocaine etc..) until these particular drugs hit the stores. .They are sold on every corner. . Mostly smoke shops. Why and how can this be possible?? These people are nothing but legal drug dealers! Laughing at the addicts all the way to the bank! HELP! …

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