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Crandall plans Senate campaign after all – will run in neighboring district

Rich Crandall

Sen. Rich Crandall, a Republican from Mesa, will be seeking reelection to the Senate after all.

Crandall confirmed today that he will run in the newly drawn Legislative District 16 – a neighboring district from where he now lives.

A formal announcement from the Republican is expected Tuesday.

Crandall surmised that more than half of the population of the new LD16 is from his old Legislative District 19.

Crandall also said he would try to persuade Rep. John Fillmore, the lone incumbent in new LD16, to run for the House.

Filmore has already opened a campaign committee for the Senate in the new district.

“I am going to ask him (to run for the House). He doesn’t have to. He’s a self-made man,” Crandall said.

Crandall was drawn into new Legislative District 25, where former Sen. Russell Pearce is now running for the Senate. In November, Pearce became the first lawmaker in state history to be recalled – and last month he announced he was seeking a comeback to the upper chamber.

But Crandall declined to run in LD25, and considered leaving the Legislature altogether.

Crandall endorsed businessman Bob Worsley, who is running against Pearce in LD25.

Crandall will have to move into the new LD16 to qualify to run in the district.

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