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Brewer vetoes bill to expand school voucher program

Gov. Jan Brewer (Photo by Evan Wyloge/Arizona Capitol Times)

Gov. Jan Brewer has vetoed a bill to expand a year-old school voucher program.

Brewer says in her veto letter that it’s too early to consider bills with costs for the state before a new state budget is approved.

But she also expresses unease about changing the education system in ways that make parts of it uncompetitive.

The Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Accounts program allows students with disabilities to receive vouchers for 90 percent of the state’s basic per-student funding for public schools.

Parents can use the money to help pay for private school tuition and certain other purposes.

The vetoed bill would have broadened eligibility to include students who are gifted, attending schools assigned D or F letter grades or who are children of military personnel.

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  1. What? There must be some mistake. How’s Steve Yarbrough going to be able to line his pockets with more tuition-tax credit money for his STO without this bill?

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