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AZ Senate OKs bill on guns in public buildings


A bill that would allow people to carry guns into public buildings where they’re currently banned has met final approval by the Arizona Senate.

Lawmakers Thursday passed a bill that would permit firearms in government buildings unless certain security measures are already in place.

Those measures include law enforcement officers or armed security guards with metal detectors or X-ray machines. Signs and storage lockers would also be required.

Supporters say the bill would protect gun owners’ rights and allow them to defend themselves. Critics say the bill is an unfunded mandate on local governments.

With the Senate’s 19-11 vote, the legislation will now go to Gov. Jan Brewer’s desk. Brewer vetoed a similar bill last year.

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  1. With the amount of hatred, bigotry and racism in the state of Arizona, there is NO place for guns in public. This bill is ludicrous in the light of this horrific situation in Arizona. Wake up legislators — NO ONE wants to move to Arizona!! Their friends and family will not even visit here putting themselves at risk for great harm.

  2. A totally irresponsible bill wasting time from the more important issues facing Arizona and its people who obviously the legislators could care less about. They justi want our $$’s and thumb their noses at us. You all deserve to be voted out of office!

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