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Anti-war protesters ask Mesa for apology

Anti-war protesters that gathered outside the Feb. 22 Republican presidential debate at the Mesa Arts Center are asking for an apology from Mesa Police. (Photo by Ryan Cook, RJ Cook Photography)

Anti-war protesters who say they were harassed by police outside the Feb. 22 Republican presidential debate are asking Mesa officials for an apology.

The group’s attorney wrote a six-page letter to Mesa Mayor Scott Smith, City Council members and other city officials complaining that police violated their rights by repeatedly asking them not to use a bullhorn.

Attorney Dianne Post isn’t threatening a lawsuit because no one was arrested.

The Arizona Republic reports Post cited an outdated noise ordinance in her complaint and that other groups in the area stopped using bullhorns when asked by police.

Councilman Dennis Kavanaugh says he believes two Veterans for Peace members raised “valid issues” about police conduct at a recent Council meeting. He suggested that department officials meet with them.

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