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Treasurer of Brewer’s PAC on probation with board

Gov. Jan Brewer (AP Photo/Matt York)

The treasurer of Gov. Jan Brewer’s political-action committee is on probation with a board that licenses accountants and had his registration as a securities salesman revoked in 2009.

The Arizona Republic reports  that the state’s Corporation Commission had handed down a $200,000 fine against accountant Robert Hockensmith and found that he had violated state laws and engaged in dishonest or unethical practices.

The Arizona State Board of Accountancy placed Hockensmith on probation for three years in October 2010.

Hockensmith can continue to work as an accountant, but the board is monitoring him.

Paul Senseman, a spokesman for Brewer’s committee, says the committee is “not familiar with anything that may be of concern” related to Hockensmith.

When asked why Hockensmith was named treasurer, Senseman said he did not know.

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  1. High Ground lobbyists / CCA /Senseman / Coughlin….. are we surprised? Who is controlling Arizona anyway? Where’s the outside investigation of the conflict of interest here?

  2. Private prison corporation lobbyists should NOT be involved setting Arizona public policy. Turning Arizona into a prison state is unacceptable and shameful!

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