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CD1 candidates put up big numbers, but Kirkpatrick still dominating

Former Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, D-Flagstaff (File photo)

In the race to represent Arizona’s 1st Congressional District, former Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick and Republican Jonathan Paton boasted their best, and somewhat comparable, fundraising quarters.

Kirkpatrick raised $357,000, while Paton raised $325,000.

But Kirkpatrick maintains a dominating financial advantage in the race, with $838,000 cash on hand, nearly a half-million dollars more than Paton’s $343,000.

Kirkpatrick has raised $1.3 million since launching her campaign in early 2011, shortly after losing the seat to Republican Rep. Paul Gosar, who is running for re-election in a more Republican-favoring district to the west of CD1.

Paton has raised a total of $553,000.

Kirkpatrick has also already spent $564,000 on the race; Paton has spent less than half that amount.

Another Democrat, Wenona Benally Baldenegro, raised $18,000 during the past quarter, and has raised $86,000 total.

Wenona Benally Baldenegro (D)

Quarterly raised: $18,329
Quarterly spent: 16,761
Total raised: 86,119
Total spent: 16,762
Cash on hand: 7,998

Ann Kirkpatrick (D)
Quarterly raised: $356,694
Quarterly spent: 175,692
Total raised: 1,323,462
Total spent: 563,570
Cash on hand: 837,661

Jonathan Paton (R)
Quarterly raised: $324,833
Quarterly spent: 137,627
Total raised: 553,426
Total spent: 223,527
Cash on hand: 343,101

Douglas Wade (R)
Quarterly raised: $10,328
Quarterly spent: 22,926
Total raised: 28,506
Total spent: 34,315
Cash on hand: 9,191

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