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Capitol Quotes: August 17, 2012

“I think that this is absolutely ripe for litigation.” – Immigration attorney Elizabeth Chatham, referring to Gov. Jan Brewer’s executive order in reaction to the Obama’s administration “deferred action” policy for young illegal immigrants

“I’m just still struck by the hypocrisy of a legislator who is running for Congress calling a press conference to accuse us of political grandstanding. Governor Brewer’s name won’t appear on any ballot this year. The same cannot be said of Senator Schapira and President Obama.” – Gubernatorial spokesman Matthew Benson

“This is just a bad idea. It really belongs in the dung heap of Clean Elections and this new two top-vote getters idea.” – Chandler attorney Tom Ryan on Proposition 115, a measure that would make changes to Arizona’s merit and retention system of selecting judges.

“They’re independent for a reason. They don’t give a damn about the two parties,’’ – Pollster Earl de Berge of the Behavior Research Center in Phoenix, observing that many independent voters simply aren’t interested in what Republicans and Democrats have to offer.

“There are lines that I and Jon have watched over the years that should not be crossed, and character assassination and innuendo and allegations that are patently false I believe have no place in the political environment of Arizona.” – U.S. Sen. John McCain, denouncing a provocative mail piece Congressman David Schweikert used to attack GOP primary rival Congressman Ben Quayle.

“One of the myths in American politics that for years was perpetrated in terms of the independent is this is a rugged individualist and he studies both parties and he studies the issues and then he makes an informed decision. None of that is bound to be true. That’s not who they are.” – Pollster Bruce Merrill, on what he views as a popular misconception about independent voters.

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