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Worsley forks out $140K in race against Pearce

Bob Worsley (left) and former Senate President Russell Pearce (File photos)

Businessman Bob Worsley dug deep into his own pocket, loaning his campaign $140,000 in his race to defeat former senator Russell Pearce.

The two are vying for their party’s nomination to represent new Legislative District 25 in the Senate.

Worsley’s campaign finance report for the June 1-Aug. 16 period also showed he made nearly $5,000 in in-kind contributions to his campaign. These included the use of his home office for his campaign and other spending such as paying for parking.

The hefty loan boosted his total to almost $248,000, dwarfing the $80,000 that Pearce raised in this election cycle.

Worsley even outraised legislative leaders, which underscored the seriousness of the campaign he’s mounting to ensure that Pearce, one of Arizona’s most prominent politicians, doesn’t return to the state Capitol.

Pearce and Worsley had roughly $15,000 each left in the bank by the end of the reporting period.

Pearce raised a modest $21,500 in the same reporting period.

Of Pearce’s $21,500 in individual contributions, about $7,900, or about 37 percent, came from inside LD25. About $1,900 of his individual contributions were less than $25 and cannot be traced to an address.

Worsley raised $35,000 in individual contributions, with about $10,000, or roughly 30 percent, coming from inside LD25. And $300 of his individual contributions cannot be traced to an address.

All told, he has received nearly $80,000 in contributions in this election cycle, a far cry from the $262,000 that he collected during the recall election last year, when he lost to now Sen. Jerry Lewis, a fellow Republican from Mesa.

Pearce’s contributors included Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County Republican Party leader Rob Haney, Franklin Ross, who tried to stop the recall effort in court last year, Senate Majority Leader Andy Biggs, lobbyists Doug Cole and Chuck Coughlin, and Tea Party activist Ron Ludders.

Those who contributed to Worsley included lobbyists Steve Barclay, Charles Bassett and Jason Bezozo, and heads of hospitals like Peter Fine, president and CEO of Banner Health, Jon Bartlett, the CEO of Arrowhead Hospital and Linda Hunt, president of Dignity Health Arizona.

Other contributors included Nathan Sproul, Bill Konopnicki and Tommy Catty, who dropped out of the recall race last year to support Lewis.

Russell Pearce’s contributions from 06/01/2012 to 08/16/2012
(Click on the red dots to see contribution details)

Bob Worsley’s contributions from 06/01/2012 to 08/16/2012
(Click on the red dots to see contribution details)

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