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Hobbs handily beats Cheuvront

Rep. Katie Hobbs and former Sen. Ken Cheuvront (File photos)

Rep. Katie Hobbs, a Democrat from Phoenix easily fended off a challenge from former Sen. Ken Cheuvront in the central Phoenix Legislative District 24 Senate race.

The unofficial vote tally on Aug. 28 by the Secretary of State showed Hobbs with a commanding 60 percent to 40 percent victory over her Democratic opponent who sought a return to the Legislature.

The testy intraparty feud between Hobbs and Cheuvront has defined the race, as both candidates and their political teams hurled accusations and counter-charges.

Hobbs and her allies, House Majority Leader Chad Campbell and Rep. Lela Alston – both of whom won the Democratic nomination for the House seats in the district – put Cheuvront on the defensive early in the race.

They sought to paint Cheuvront, a small business owner, as a less-reliable Democrat and somebody who has gone against the party’s ideals.
They accused Cheuvront of having voted four years ago to cut school funding by hundreds of millions of dollars.
Cheuvront called the attack a lie, arguing his vote wouldn’t have cut education funding because any gap would been have been filled with money from the general fund.

Former Gov. Janet Napolitano also vetoed the bill, which meant the tax’s repeal didn’t materialize.

Cheuvront also hit back with a campaign ad that tied Campbell to the Fiesta Bowl scandal.

Cheuvront’s mail piece, which voters in central Phoenix received, said Campbell and former Sen. Russell Pearce were “both investigated for their roles in the Fiesta Bowl scandal.”

But the mailer did not mention that investigators concluded Campbell and several others properly disclosed gifts they received.

Cheuvront’s mom, Jean McDermott Cheuvront, also ran against Campbell in the four-way House primary race in LD24. She trailed far behind in votes, along with Democrat Tom Nerini.

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