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Arizona mother to speak at Democratic National Convention

Stacey Lihn (Photo from Twitter.com)

An Arizona woman is scheduled to speak at the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina about the impact of health care reform on her family.

Stacey Lihn is scheduled to address the convention Tuesday night.

Her daughter Zoe was born with a heart defect, but can now get the care she needs.

At 6 months old, Zoe was halfway to her lifetime cap. But because the Affordable Care Act prohibits health plans from setting a lifetime dollar limit on most benefits, Zoe can now live a life without limits.

Lihn and her husband have been taking their daughter to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for treatment.

She was diagnosed in utero with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. It’s fatal without early intervention and requires three open-heart surgeries over several years.

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  1. On February 13, 1982 I gave birth to a little girl with hypo plastic left heart. Her name was Marissa. Unfortunately, she only lived for 16 days. The doctors, at the time, told us that there was only experimental surgery for this heart defect, and there was no success yet. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a child with this defect now and know that there are surgeries that can fix it, and your insurance company won’t pay for it Our little angel had no hope, I pray that President Obama wins the election so that precious little girl can live.

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