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Capitol Quotes: September 7, 2012

“I think they were protecting her for whatever reason they protect people.” — Attorney Suzanne Dallimore, alleging that Attorney General Tom Horne shielded political ally Kathleen Winn from an internal probe conducted by her client, investigator Margaret Hinchey.

“If people are going to accuse of something and they haven’t bothered to get anything from you, it makes it kind of politically based, to me.” — Kathleen Winn, the community outreach director at the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, questioning the motives behind federal and county investigations into alleged collaboration between AG Tom Horne and an independent expenditure Winn ran in 2010. Winn said she still has not been interviewed by investigators.

“We are at a six-figure level out of the gate, and we intend to get to a seven-figure level.” — State Treasurer Doug Ducey, on fundraising for the anti-Proposition 204 campaign he’s spearheading.

“This landscape resembles nothing from the Prop. 100 landscape.” — Arizona Free Enterprise Club President Steve Voeller, on the differences between the low-budget campaign against Proposition 100 in
2010 and the current campaign against Proposition 204.

“I thought it was very theatrical and Hollywood-like. And I think that they were reaching out to the public. And now I say the race is on and we are ready.” — Gov. Jan Brewer, on the Democratic National Convention.

‘I think that we, at this current time, need to deliver to the voters what we promised them, that it wouldn’t be continued.’ — Gov. Jan Brewer, on her opposition to Proposition 204, which seeks to make permanent the temporary 1-cent sales tax increase she championed in 2010.

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