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9th Circuit denies bid to block part of Arizona law

Gov. Jan Brewer. (File Photo by Evan Wyloge/Arizona Capitol Times)

A federals appeals court has turned back the latest effort by a civil rights coalition to bar police from enforcing the most contentious part of Arizona’s immigration law.

Opponents of part of the law requiring police to question some people they contact about their immigration status wanted the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to block its enforcement.

That provision survived a U.S. Supreme Court review and it went into effect Sept. 18 after a federal judge in Phoenix said it could be enforced.

In a ruling Tuesday, the appeals court in San Francisco denied the coalition’s emergency motion for an injunction pending appeal and their request for certification to the Arizona Supreme Court.

An attorney with the National Immigration Law Center says the coalition is assessing its next step.

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  1. Bottom line. Arizona has damaged its economy and harmed its people / taxpayers.

    The Cato Institute — a libertarian think-tank — needed just seven words to sum up its report today on how Arizona’s immigration laws are affecting business, and put those words right at the front of its analysis: “Arizona’s immigration laws have hurt its economy.”

  2. You mean to tell me that the PEOPLE are FINALLY get tired of it all, and want to remove the illegals from the USA?? Sweet, and about time. But if ya really want to do something about it, try voting OBAMA OUT ! His Deferred Action Plan allows “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS” to remain in this country on a 2 year work application, and without ANY FEAR of deportation !

  3. To concerned citizen, bottom line. Arizona’s economy has not been damaged and it certainly has not harmed Arizonans but, has helped Arizonans the taxpayers to rid themselves of all illegals from whatever country they come from. I guarantee it is not affected businesses actually we have seen countless Americans who have taken the jobs that illegals were doing. When the sheriff of Maricopa County raids accompany whether it be a restaurant or supermarket there are lines of Americans applying for those jobs. yes we are tired and fed up with illegals here in Arizona. It is about damn time that the provision in the Senate Bill 1070 starts to be enforced by law enforcement. Obama, can sign his executive order regarding the dreamers but, many businesses are not going to hire them they will give those jobs to Americans and most importantly to veterans who come here after returning and fighting for this country to have a job. so only been a few days ago when ICE refused to deport some illegals who committed fraud and were using someone else’s Social Security. No problem the Sheriff of Maricopa County drove them back to the border.

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