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DuVal: supporter registered website for governor’s race

Fred DuVal

Fred DuVal (Photo from Facebook)

Former regent and longtime Arizona politico Fred DuVal hasn’t announced yet whether he’ll run for governor in 2014, but if he takes the plunge, there’s a website waiting for him.

The consulting firm Riester registered the website address www.duvalforgovernor.com in May. DuVal said he didn’t instruct the firm to register the website address.

DuVal said he’s considering a run, but hasn’t made a decision yet. But supporters, including Riester CEO Tim Riester, are urging him into the race, he said.

“He is pushing me to think about this, and I promised I would … after this cycle finishes, but he is simply way ahead of me,” DuVal said in an email.

DuVal previously told the Arizona Capitol Times that he was focused only on his immediate plans for 2012, which is helping to pass Proposition 204, a citizen initiative to make permanent a one-cent sales tax increase that will expire next year. He declined to say whether he was considering a run for governor.

DuVal isn’t the only Democrat eying a possible run for the Ninth Floor. House Minority Leader Chad Campbell said he’s considering a run, and Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton is viewed as a possible contender as well.

Tim Riester could not be reached for comment.

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