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Capitol Quotes: October 8, 2012

“I’ll tell you one thing. It is flattering Jerry Lewis is copying my bill.  If there was the academic integrity issue at stake, he would cite me as someone who proposed it before him.” — Rep. Ed Ableser, saying he proposed tougher reporting requirements for legislators and lawmakers before his opponent, Sen. Jerry Lewis, unveiled a similar proposal.

“Horne was now wearing a baseball hat and he drove to Carmen’s residence where Horne backed into a white Range Rover. Horne and Chenal then drove away, parked in a parking garage and both walked into (the) residential area where Chenal lived.” — FBI Agent Mark Stribling, detailing an alleged hit and run accident involving Attorney General Tom Horne.

“It’s almost an embarrassing argument to suggest that the Arizona Chamber or any other reputable business group took a position based on a lack of information.” — Glenn Hamer, president and CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, responding to a charge that the group’s opposition to a permanent 1-cent sales tax increase is based on misinformation.

“Toll roads in Arizona will be built.” — Leonard Gilroy, director of government reform for the Reason Foundation, saying a lack of progress on such highways in Arizona is no reason for toll road advocates to give up hope.

“The (law) does not prevent abortions; instead, it is a reasonable regulation given the balance of interests the Arizona Legislature has considered in light of controlling Supreme Court precedent as to women’s health and fetal life.” — Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, in an appellate court brief defending the state’s 20-week abortion law.

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