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Capitol Quotes: October 22, 2012

“I chased al-Qaeda and Taliban around the mountains of Afghanistan. I hunted down Fedayeen fighters in the streets of Iraq and Mosul. You know, I took on a battalion of Iraqi armor on the side of the mountain. I’m sorry I’m not a Teddy Bear.” — Sen. Frank Antenori, on his brusk approach to campaigning.

“He says ‘I’m out of the military’ and ‘I’m a no-B.S. kind of guy.’ Well, guess what? The state Legislature, in creating public policy, is not the military.”— Tucson City Councilman Steve Kozachik, on why he disagrees with Sen. Frank Antenori’s approach.

“Information is not subject to withholding merely because it is embarrassing.” — First Amendment attorney David Bodney, on the Attorney General’s Office’s decision to redact large amounts of material related to an internal investigation of Attorney General Tom Horne.

“I would argue that there is nothing good to ever come from the middle. I’m proud to be called an extremist. And when it comes to your personal rights and your liberties, who other than an extremist would you want protecting those rights?”— Libertarian leader Barry Hess, on Proposition 121 proponents’ arguments that the initiative will elect more moderate candidates.

“My shoot-for-the-stars thing is if people were aware they’re really Republicans and conservatives by nature, they would join us.” — LD27 Republican Chairman Terry Rapp, on recruiting people to his side of the aisle in a district where Democrats outnumber Republicans 3 to 1.

“You could put yourself down as a member of the Mickey Mouse Club, the Donald Duck party or the Pluto party. Likewise, this is just goofy.” — Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, on a provision in Proposition 121 that would allow voters and candidates to register under any party name.

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