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Capitol Quotes: November 5, 2012

‘Is he just that bad of a loser?’  — Scott Prior, a Democratic candidate for the Legislature, saying Rep. John Fillmore called him up to provide negative information about Sen. Rich Crandall after losing the Republican primary to him.


“What they do is pure crap. It’s so cheap it’s virtually free, because there’s no interviewers, they don’t worry about cell phones, they don’t worry about whether the call is answered by your kid, your dog, your neighbor.” — Pollster Michael O’Neil on the increasing use of “robo-polls” to measure public opinion.


“For someone who’s ‘not so political,’ you sure leave an audience in awe. Thanks for all you did for me in Phoenix last week. I look forward to continuing our discussion at your convenience.” — Sen. Jon Kyl in a 2005 handwritten letter to current Senate candidate Richard Carmona, which Carmona said demonstrated Kyl’s ongoing support for Carmona to run for public office.


“Just because the hierarchy and the leadership put something forth doesn’t mean the grassroots follow behind, and that’s the problem of the Republican Party and (it) has been for a long time.” — Rob Haney, Maricopa County Republican Party chairman, on conservative opposition to a Republican-backed tax measure on the November ballot.


“In the last four years, we’ve all been made aware that there are forces at work to steal from the people by manipulating the vote.” — Jennifer Wright, leader of the Tea Party-aligned volunteer organization Verify the Vote AZ, whose stated goal is to stop voter fraud, explains the group’s motivation in a video on its website.


“If President Obama picked up the phone today and he asked Harry Reid to send that bill to his desk, he’d have it before the election.” — House Speaker Andy Tobin discussing a stalled bill in Congress he believes would move again if Mitt Romney is elected, which would provide for a land swap for the Resolution Copper mine near Superior.


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