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Meyer trying to single-shot to victory

Rep. Eric Meyer of Paradise Valley (left) visits with his District 11 seatmate, GOP Rep. Adam Driggs during a break on the House floor Aug. 9, 2010. (File photo)

(File photo)

Democratic Rep. Eric Meyer and Republican Rep. Amanda Reeve are virtually tied in LD28, a Republican-leaning district which covers parts of central Phoenix, all of Paradise Valley, and a slice of Scottsdale.

By encouraging supporters to only cast one vote – for him – Meyer hoped to consolidate his Democratic forces, while remaining the only option for independent or Republican voters who decided to split their two votes between the candidates for both parties.

Republican Rep. Amanda Reeve, who was first appointed to the House in 2010 and elected later that year but drawn into the new district this year, is pulling 22408 votes (29.9 percent), while Meyer, who was first elected to the House in 2008 in a similar Republican-leaning district, has 22302 votes (29.7 percent).

Republican Rep. Kate Brophy McGee, who was first elected in 2011 and previously served for years as a school board president, is leading the pack, with 24,993 votes (33.3 percent) of the early ballots counted so far.

Libertarian Jim Iannuzo, is pulling 5,237 votes (7 percent).

Republicans have a 12.4 percentage point voter registration advantage in LD28.

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