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Capitol Quotes: November 12, 2012

“I don’t like losing, so I learned pretty quickly that the best way to win is to work with others. It’s not rocket science.” — Kyrsten Sinema, likely winner in the CD9 congressional race, explaining her political transformation.

“The Republican team presented a vision of clean energy which is also affordable, whereas our Democratic friends, I believe, slighted the affordable side of the equation. And I suspect that’s why they did not prevail this evening.” — Corporation Commissioner Bob Stump after Republicans swept all three open seats on the commission.

“I’ve more than survived.” — State Sen. John McComish, who overcame a flurry of attack ads to retain his seat, then quickly was chosen Senate majority leader.

“It really is a testament to the fact that the voters just totally and utterly rejected this bad idea. And it’s such a resounding victory, I think it sends a message for any future ideas of this being a good idea. It really fell flat.” — Aaron Baer, a spokesman for opponents to Prop. 121, the ‘’top-two’’ initiative, which lost by a two-to-one margin.

“I think that there were some things that we did right in this campaign. We built a broad-based coalition . . . Our committee did a tremendous amount of work trying to reach out to people. We just never imagined it would be important to meet with the Koch brothers.’’ — Paul Johnson, the chief advocate for Prop. 121, saying the campaign had value despite the defeat.

“People are walking in here dazed and confused. It’s been a huge mess.’’ — Susan Jones, a poll watcher for the Democratic Party stationed at one of the two polling places serving the Arizona State University dorms in Tempe.

“All things being even, we can compete statewide now. I think our race pretty well showed that.” — Andy Barr, spokesman for the Richard Carmona campaign, saying his close but losing U.S. Senate race with Jeff Flake bodes well for the Democratic Party in Arizona.

“I think that’s a fantasy that this is all good news for the Democrats. They lost all over the state.” — Republican consultant Bert Coleman, downplaying the significance of the close race between Carmona and Flake.

“Based on my limited knowledge of statistics, it’s very unlikely that they will get the result they’re looking for.” — Corporation Commissioner Bob Stump on Democrats’ hope they will overcome substantial leads in races for Corporation Commission as final votes are counted.

“(We) kept it on the issues and on trying to bring a civil tone to Arizona state government.” — Republican Sen. Jerry Lewis, on running an exemplary but losing campaign for reelection in District 26 in Tempe and Mesa.

“There are all sorts of voter fraud in our district, every single thing that we’ve heard in the media has happened in our district.
There will be multiple lawsuits. This is absolutely not over.” — Democrat Corey Harris, who came in third in a race for two House seats in District 18 in Chandler and Tempe.

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