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Capitol Quotes: November 16, 2012

“It’s absolutely ludicrous that she would entertain it and that anybody would seriously argue. This maybe could be achieved on Mars.
And I’m not familiar with the Martian legal system. I like to keep an open mind on these things. I appreciate creative lawyering. But in my mind, it’s beyond the pale.” — Phoenix attorney Paul Eckstein, saying there is no chance Gov. Jan Brewer would be eligible to serve a third term.

“I’ve already told members of the Legislature … don’t change your message. My principles don’t change the way the wind blows. I either stand for something or I don’t.” — State Sen. Steve Smith, imploring lawmakers to maintain a tough stance on immigration.

“It’s kind of a new breed of people that are very different than the people who have dominated the county.” — Rep. Frank Pratt, a Casa Grande Republican, commenting on the shift of the majority of Pinal County voters from Democrats to Republicans.

“I don’t give up. The third time was the charm.” — Democrat Andrea Dalessandro, describing how persistence paid off in her effort to win a House seat in southern Arizona.

“If the Democrats see an amassing Hispanic population in certain legislative districts as a tool, and I think that’s how they see it, we see them as part of the family.” — Arizona Republican Chairman Tom Morrissey, saying he’s not willing to concede the Hispanic vote in Arizona to Democrats.

“What I’m glad to see over the past week, frankly, is recognition from Republicans that we’re not going to deport 12 million people.” — U.S.
Sen.-elect Jeff Flake, saying he finds the new, more supportive tone among his fellow Republicans toward immigration reform refreshing.

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