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Capitol Quotes: November 26, 2012

“Why be coy about the obvious?” — Fred DuVal, on his possible run for governor in 2014.

“We’ve debated the invasion by the United Nations, it seems like it’s not asking too much to take a serious look at the core component of our democratic system.” — House Minority Leader Chad Campbell, on his call for a legislative review of Arizona’s election processes in order to avoid the extended vote tally and high number of provisional ballots seen in this year’s election.

“Voting for it is more than just voting for an unpopular issue among Republicans. It’s also disloyalty to your party.” — Rep. John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills, on why he doesn’t think any Republicans will vote for a state-run health insurance exchange.

“Many will say that the exchanges are going to be the biggest issue for next year. And I completely disagree. … I think the biggest issue and the biggest opportunity is to thoroughly take advantage of the economic collapse of California.” — Rep. Tom Forese, R-Gilbert, on the need for Arizona to take advantage of tax hikes approved by California voters on Nov. 6.

“They’re not very high.” — Sandy Bahr, lobbyist for the Sierra Club Grand Canyon Chapter, when asked about her expectations of the Andy Biggs Senate presidency.

“You have to wonder ‘what’s the point?’” — Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Spokesman Richard de Uriarte on one of the reasons for not appointing someone to serve the last few weeks of former Rep. Ben Arredondo’s term in the Legislature.

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