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Capitol Quotes: December 7, 2012

“Then I realize that it was the real deal. We’re flying helicopters. We have gunners and guns hanging out of the windows. We have protection everywhere.” — Gov. Jan Brewer, on being in a war zone during her trip to Afghanistan this week.

“It saves lives, but there are some people on the far right who believe that it’s nanny-state legislation and they have every right to wrap their car around a telephone pole while they’re texting.’’ — State Sen. Al Melvin on his plans to reintroduce legislation banning texting while driving.

“Kids who grow up shooting BB guns in their back yard are more likely to be responsible gun owners when they grow up.’’ — Charles Heller, communications director for the Arizona Citizens Defense League, on the league’s plans to offer legislation banning restrictions on air guns, which are similar to BB guns.

“They see government funding as an eternal source of revenue, and we see what’s happened across the pond. We see it in our own country — the trillions of (dollars in) unfunded mandates. And they ought to be the first in line to start suggesting how to rectify the issue and part of that is reducing government control, which makes costs go up.’’— State Sen. Nancy Barto, on the need to come up with better solutions to deal with state Medicaid costs.

“I see absolute joy on the faces of these patients. They don’t have
to worry about where they will get their medicine anymore.” — Bill Myer, one of the owners of the state’s first medical marijuana dispensary, shortly after it opened its doors for business.

‘If we go over it, you can rip up everything I’m saying.’ — Economist Elliott Pollack, observing that optimistic economic forecasts for Arizona would vanish if the country goes over the fiscal cliff.

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