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Rep. T.J. Shope, R-Coolidge

Rep. TJ Shope, R-Coolidge

Name: T.J. Shope

Chamber: House of Representatives

Party: Republican

Profession: Manager at Shope’s IGA supermarket in Coolidge.

Hometown: Coolidge

Legislative District: No. 8, covering portions of Pinal and Gila counties.

Committee Assignments: Commerce (Vice-Chair); Agriculture and Water; Energy, Environment and Natural Resources.

Previous or Current Elected Offices: President of Coolidge Unified School District Governing Board (current); vice president of Coolidge Unified School District Governing Board (2008).

Highlights of Community Involvement: Active member of his church and its Knights of Columbus organization, board of directors vice president for the Coolidge Chamber of Commerce.

Why He Ran: “There was an open seat in our district and the Democrats had a 9 percent advantage in our district, and I felt like we needed a candidate that was going to work hard and one that was also able to bring as many Democrats over to vote for a Republican as possible. And I feel like I did that, obviously. I’m in a community where I’m outnumbered by 3 to 1 as far as Democrat to Republican, and I won it by about 4 to 1.”

His Focus: “Economic development. I’m working very hard as vice-chair of Commerce to snap as many jobs for Arizona and Arizonans as we can.”

Bills: HCM 2003 is a memorial asking Congress to approve a land swap for Resolution Copper near the town of Superior.

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