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Arizona court won’t overturn use of foreclosure settlement

Professor: Not requiring court approval of foreclosures has aided AZ’s recoveryAn appellate court panel has upheld Arizona’s use of part of a multistate foreclosure settlement to help balance the state budget.

Critics of the Legislature’s decision to put $50 million into the general state budget wanted all of the money to be used for programs and services for borrowers and troubled homeowners.

Housing advocates appealed a Maricopa County Superior Court judge’s ruling in favor of the state, but an order Tuesday by a three-judge panel upholds the judge’s ruling.

Some of the settlement money paid the state by lenders is being used for programs and services for borrowers.

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  1. Helping balance the state budget is different than BUILDING NEW PRISONS that Arizona does not need. The mass incarceration of Arizona’s people and the other states who will dump their inmates in Arizona is shameful, unethical and immoral. People turned into commodities for $$$’s continues. Wake up people. Your elected officials are working for themselves at YOUR expense.

    Arizona continues down the path of self-destruction. Greed, power and money rather than the common good.

  2. The $50,000,000 will be going to the wrong ‘houses”. Arizona and “The House I Live In”.

    “THE HOUSE I LIVE IN” Official Trailer #1 (2012) Sundance Award-winning Documentary by Edward Jarecki, filmmaker – YouTube It should be a civic duty for ALL people to watch 4 decades of failed policy, where we are today and where we’re headed — unless the people speak up nothing will change. Kavanagh represents the “old school” that has destroyed many families and innocent lives. Time for “smart on crime”. The taxpayers have been conned and bilked long enough.

  3. This is an unfortunate decision and the absolute wrong direction for Arizona. As I stated in The Arizona Republic yesterday, this is not the time to be investing in more prison beds.


  4. What have we learned from history? Now the focus turns to the war on America the mass incarceration of its people, with Arizona leading the way.

    Dear George Bush and **** Cheney, You Are Guilty of Murder: A Letter from a Dying Veteran

    ****-cheney-you-are-guilty-murder-letter-dying-veteran" rel="nofollow">//www.alternet.org/print/dear-george-bush-and-****-cheney-you-are-guilty-murder-letter-dying-veteran

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