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On eve of council vote, CAP says Bisbee can’t legally recognize civil unions

Cathi Herrod, president of the Center for Arizona Policy. (file photo)

BISBEE — A conservative Christian advocacy group says a former mining community-turned-artists’ haven in rural southern Arizona can’t legally recognize civil unions that would include same-sex couples.

A letter from the Phoenix-based Center for Arizona Policy says an ordinance scheduled for a Tuesday night vote by the Bisbee City Council would violate the Arizona Constitution’s ban on same-sex marriage, and would be the subject of a costly legal fight.

If approved, the ordinance would make Bisbee the first Arizona city to legalize civil unions for same-sex couples, giving them the same rights in the city as married couples. The ordinance is reportedly more comprehensive than a Tucson measure enacted in 2003 that recognizes domestic partnerships.

Bisbee City Attorney John MacKinnon has said the ordinance’s approval would mean people in civil unions would be considered spouses in such matters as property ownership and guardianship in cases of illness.

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  1. Sheri Van Horsen-Tarrats

    I love Bisbee even more now! It is the preferred destination anytime my husband and I can sneak away and now I have one more reason to call Bisbee my home away from home. Rock on Bisbee! Don’t be bullied by small minded people.

  2. Bisbee Council, Mayor, and Citizens — Do not let the ubiquitous Xtian ayatollah wanna-be, Cathy Herrod, and her Taliban-esque Center for Arizona Policy influence how you vote on this issue. They are a very loud, damaging minority.

    As far as I am concerned, prevention of gay marriage or gay civil unions is a sign of an over-reaching government. Conservatives such as Herrod say we need less government and, yet, every policy, law and rule that they advocate is a suppression of personal freedoms which harm no one else. They are nothing but purveyors of a nanny state and want to suppress your and my liberties with their true-believer self-righteousness!

    Please do not pay any attention to these folks who worship blastocysts and zygotes, have fantasies about the stability of straight marriages (with a 50%+ divorce rate) but NEVER support laws, rules, or budgets that will help actual living children or adults.

  3. Cathy Herrod is the Grover Norquist of Arizona. Any elected official who follows her is subjugating his/her pledge to uphold the Constitution and serve ALL of the people to Herrod’s unelected miniscule group. Herrod is as self-appointed as much as is Norquist and neither of them have done the citizens of this country and this state any good and lots of harm.

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