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School board mulls $84 million desegregation plan


TUCSON — The Tucson Unified School District is mulling a plan to spend as much as $84.5 million to desegregate its schools.

The Arizona Daily Star  reports the plan would increase racial diversity, improve the diversity of administrators and reduce disparities in student discipline.

The paper reports more than a fifth of the money would be spent on retention and boosting student achievement.

The board meets Wednesday afternoon to discuss the plan.

Much of the money for the plan would come from the desegregation funding.

A federal court in Tucson last year asked for a blueprint to desegregate the district. Efforts to create a racially balanced school system in Tucson date back to 1974.

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  1. $84 Million to try and make students/parents who don’t want to attend the Mexican American Schools better. Hmmm. That means more low income housing will just be built in Sahuarita, Vail, Marana to afford the people, white, black and hispanic to move out of Tucson Unified School District. TUSD has closed schools due to the migration OUT of the District and they think $84 Million will make them come back. Not going to happen. Charter schools and the migration out will continue. Hispanics/minorities, are awakening to the fact if they are to see their children suceed, know the basics to get in to any level of College, they cannot do it by succuming to MAS. TUSD is a communist training camp.

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