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Ariz. lawmakers want students to learn how to budget

Obscure Arizona political group now spending against ObamaThe Arizona House of Representatives has advanced a measure that would require some high school students to learn about personal finance before graduating.

Under the bill advanced by the House Tuesday, some Arizona students would not be able to graduate from high school without first learning about long-term saving, investment planning and how personal choices influence future income.

The bill would allow school district governing boards or charter schools to make personal finance competency a graduation requirement.

The original version of the bill would have made personal finance instruction a statewide mandate, but that language was tempered in the Senate. After the change was made, the Senate passed the bill in a 24-4 vote in March.

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  1. What took legislator so long? Parents, students, teachers & businesses have been asking for this for years!

  2. …and Arizona students want the Arizona legislature to learn how to budget.

  3. Agree about the creating a personal finance competency graduation requirement, since the majority of occupations do not require systems of linear equations and inequalities in our employment or personal lives. Now, if we could just move Arizona from failing on almost every measure of fairness or equity in the level of funding education ,we ranked 46th in adjusted spending in 2008, and we have gone down to 50th this past year.

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