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Brewer headlining fundraiser for pro-expansion Republicans


Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer looks at some notes during a session of the National Governors Association meeting Sunday, August, 4, 2013 in Milwaukee.  (AP Photo/Morry Gash)

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (AP Photo/Morry Gash)

Gov. Jan Brewer is following through on her promise to help out the Republican lawmakers who stood with her in the fight for Medicaid expansion.

Brewer will headline a fundraiser on Sept. 20 for the 13 remaining GOP lawmakers who voted for her Medicaid plan. A flyer for the fundraiser urges people to join Brewer at the Paradise Valley home of Vanguard Health Systems executive Reginald Ballantyne III, “in support of our healthcare heroes.”

The fundraiser will benefit:

-Rep. Heather Carter

-Rep. Doug Coleman

-Rep. Jeff Dial

-Sen. Adam Driggs

-Rep. Doris Goodale

-Sen. John McComish

-Rep. Kate Brophy McGee

-Rep. Ethan Orr

-Sen. Steve Pierce

-Rep. Frank Pratt

-Rep. Bob Robson

-Rep. TJ Shope

-Sen. Bob Worsley

A flyer for the fundraiser suggests that people and political action committees that want to support the lawmakers make $500 contributions. It notes that a 2013 law increasing Arizona’s campaign contribution limits, which had previously been set at $440 for legislative candidates, goes into effect on Sept. 13.

During the rancorous debate over Medicaid expansion, grassroots conservatives vowed to target pro-expansion Republicans in their 2014 reelections. In response, Brewer pledged to support the Republicans who joined her coalition, which consisted of the Democratic caucuses in each legislative chamber and a handful of GOP supporters.

A 14th Republican who voted for Medicaid expansion, former Sen. Rich Crandall, has since resigned from the Legislature.


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