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Capitol Quotes: Sept. 13, 2013

“There’s always a limit to what an individual or group of individuals are willing to do short of homicide.” — Melvin Thomas, former member of the Clemency Board, on why he quit in frustration because an investigation into the board’s work environment was taking too long.

“I can’t have a two-week lapse in health insurance.” — State Sen. Rich Crandall, explaining why he won’t resign from the Senate until Aug. 31, even though he started working earlier this month as director of the Wyoming Department of Education.

“I expect to be back in the (U.S.) Supreme Court.” — Secretary of State Ken Bennett on the state’s lawsuit to force the federal government to put Arizona’s proof-of-citizenship requirement on federal voter registration forms.

“Breaking the silence on health care pricing — particularly prices patients pay for health care when paying for services themselves — is groundbreaking.” — Sen. Nancy Barto, R-Phoenix, on a new Arizona law to provide more health cost transparency.

“I applaud the idea of trying to create transparency, but I don’t think this creates the kind of transparency people want. What you want is a system where prices make sense.” — Dr. Lenny Feldman, author of a health pricing study released in March by Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore.

“Sorry, I’m a guy, I have to look.’’ — Jesse Hernandez, former chairman of the Arizona Board of Executive Clemency, as quoted in an investigative report on why he stared at a passing woman.

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