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Capitol Quotes: October 11, 2013

“The thing is, it’s clear that Gilbert now has two senators, and one-third of the state and the entire Navajo Nation have no senators currently sitting in the state Senate.” — Tom Ryan, attorney for Rep. Albert Hale, on Sen. Carlyle Begay representing Apache County in the state Senate despite being a long-time resident of Gilbert.

“We need an attorney general who has worked with the FBI to prosecute illegal activity, versus an attorney general who’s been investigated by the FBI.” — Republican attorney general candidate Mark Brnovich, speaking to conservative activists about his campaign against incumbent Tom Horne.

“I saw that comment and I read a little bit about it and I thought it was a little bit over the top. After reading the whole thing, however, I think that she had an explanation for it. I too have been referred to in that context and thought it was outrageous.” — Gov. Jan Brewer, on Rep. Brenda Barton referring to President Obama as “de fuhrer,” a title commonly associated with Adolf Hitler.

“DuVal is a plain vanilla candidate. He has no texture to him.” — Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham, on presumptive Democratic gubernatorial nominee Fred DuVal.

“Every Republican running for governor of Arizona makes Jan Brewer look like a liberal. This group of Tea Party radicals is pointing Arizona straight in the wrong direction.” — Democratic Governors Association spokesman Colm O’Comartum, on the GOP gubernatorial field.

“Whoever comes out will come out bloody and broke.” — Republican political consultant Kyle Moyer on the 2014 Republican primary for governor.

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