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Capitol Quotes: October 18, 2013

“In the heat of these historic battles, sometimes refusing to exploit an issue can be commendable.” — Lobbyist Chris Herstam on some candidates’ approach to the government shutdown.

“I don’t think it’s financially doable… It may be a wonderful wish, but I just don’t think it’s doable.” — Republican Rep. David Livingston on adding seasonal firefighters and other part-time public safety employees into the state’s Public Safety Personnel Retirement System.

“One of the most disturbing trends is the lack of tolerance from those who promote same-sex marriage for those who don’t believe in it.” — Austin Nimocks, chief counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom, a religious group opposing gay marriage.

“The content of the e-mails between Winn and Murray, coupled with the timing of those e-mails and the phone calls between Winn and Horne provide convincing proof that Horne and Winn coordinated.” — Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk, in a compliance order alleging that Attorney General Tom Horne illegally coordinated with an independent expenditure committee run by ally Kathleen Winn in 2010.

“It will go to a hearing and we’ll prove in the hearing that there’s been no coordination.” — Attorney General Tom Horne, denying Polk’s charge that he and Winn illegally coordinated during the 2010 campaign.

“The statute is enjoined. Now, how do you unwind some of the work that’s been done?” — Elections attorney Roopali Desai, on the uncertainty following a court decision blocking Arizona’s new campaign finance law.

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