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Capitol Quotes: Nov. 15, 2013

“I find this chain of reported events deeply troubling. It sets a dangerous precedent for the Arizona Corporation Commission.’’ — Former Corporation Commissioner Sandra Kennedy in a letter saying she believes Commissioner Gary Pierce has multiple connections to the state’s largest utility.

“After nearly one year of political posturing, accusations, veiled threats and gamesmanship, we have arrived at the day of reckoning.” — Corporation Commissioner Brenda Burns on whether to cut incentives for rooftop solar.

“There’s 10 or 11 other states that can make their budgets work without an income tax, and I think Arizona needs to be one of them.” — Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Ken Bennett on his proposal to end the income tax in Arizona.

“In the end, it came down to ballot collection.” — Consultant Paul Bentz, on the role of an aggressive approach toward gathering early ballots in Laura Pastor’s come-from-behind win for a Phoenix City Council seat.

“Our intention is to keep it up until Mr. Horne rectifies the situation.”  — Tyler Montague, executive vice president of the Arizona Public Integrity Alliance, on television ads criticizing Attorney General Tom Horne for alleged campaign finance violations.

“Arizonans are learning that five people at the commission have the power to squash out an entire solar industry, and I think that’s going to alarm a lot of people.” — Jason Rose, hired by solar rooftop companies to fight a proposal by Arizona Public Service to reduce a key incentive for residential solar.

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