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Arizona newspaper reports on cases of illegal voting

In Maricopa County precincts with higher minority populations, greater chance of casting provisional ballotsA newspaper found 34 cases involving illegal voting in Arizona’s most populous county since January 2005, with only two involving people in the country illegally but more involving non-citizen legal residents.

Arizona is among states that have enacted voting requirements and restrictions that supporters call necessary to prevent voter fraud.

The Arizona Republic reported that state and Maricopa County officials identified 21 criminal cases in the county since January 2005 in which people were charged with a felony related to voter fraud. The newspaper found 13 additional cases in court records.

Only citizens can legally vote in the United States.

Of the 34 defendants, two were in the country illegally while 12 were non-citizens legally in the country.

The non-citizens included people from Canada, Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines, Thailand and the former Yugoslavia.

Also, 18 of the 34 cases involved convicted felons who had lost their voting rights. Several told the court that nobody told them they couldn’t vote after serving their sentences.

Horne said voter fraud by non-citizens is a problem.

County recorders have testified in court that more than 200 people in a single year had stated on jury-duty summonses that they weren’t citizens, Horne said.

However, Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell said jury summonses are sent not only to people registered to vote but also to people with driver’s licenses, including non-citizen legal residents.

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  1. Sounds like Tom Horne is trying to create a problem where none exists. No doubt he’s running scared. And doesn’t the Republic have any real news to report?

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