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Source: Anti-Horne group settles lawsuit

The Arizona Public Integrity Alliance has reportedly settled with Horne following the lawsuit he filed against the non-profit a week ago over a television ad that focuses on his alleged campaign finance violations.

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  1. //blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com/valleyfever/2013/11/post_45.php

    AG “Tom Horne Caves at Mention of Tom Ryan’s Name, Calls off SLAPP Suit”

    By Stephen Lemons Fri., Nov. 22 2013 at 5:08 PM

    “Yep, Chandler attorney Tom Ryan was rarin’ to start writing up subpoenas in his new role as legal counsel for the Arizona Public Integrity Alliance, the group being SLAPP-sued by Attorney General Tom Horne in the world’s dumbest “defamation” case ever.
    But wouldn’t you know it, not long after Ryan declared to me that he would take the case off AZPIA lawyer Kory Langhofer’s hands and pursue a vigorous defense against Horne forfree, the AG calls the suit quits.”

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