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Capitol Quotes: January 3, 2014

ear-quotes-620“My family isn’t happy, but I am (running for re-election). I just can’t let go of the legislative role. It’s so important and such an honor to be a representative.” – Rep. Doris Goodale, R-Kingman, on her plans to run again in 2014, even after suffering a stroke in September.

“I’m in the race. I will be announcing sometime next month. But I’ve definitely decided that this is something I feel strongly about.” – former Attorney General Terry Goddard, announcing that he will run for secretary of state in 2014.

“It’s obviously a headache that we didn’t intend, so we want to get this resolved as soon as possible” – Rep. J.D. Mesnard, R-Chandler, on his cleanup bill to fix unintended consequences of HB2593, which established higher campaign contribution limits.

“I can tell you that these quotes are spurious. They do not appear in Lincoln’s writings or in his recollected words.” – Brooks Simpson, a professor of history at Arizona State University, on comments Sen. Al Melvin, a candidate for governor, attributed to Abraham Lincoln.

“It sounded good. It seemed like it was something that he would say.” – Sen. Al Melvin, on the quotes he attributed to Abraham Lincoln.

“If you look in Maricopa County, we have never had anyone of color ever winning an at-large district in Maricopa County. And I think that’s what the Department of Justice was so concerned with.” – Sen. Steve Gallardo, D-Phoenix, on why he hopes to help overturn a law creating two at-large seats for the Maricopa Community College District board.

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