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Americans for Prosperity goes after Barber, Kirkpatrick

BThe conservative Americans for Prosperity today unveiled its latest attack on Democratic Reps. Ann Kirkpatrick and Ron Barber over their support for the Affordable Care Act.

The television ads zero in on Obama’s promise that Americans would be able to keep their insurance plans and note that Politifact called it the “Lie of the Year” as policies are being canceled. Politifact is the Pulitzer winning research arm of the Tampa Bay Times.

The ads – see here and here – rhetorically ask why the Dems still support the federal law.

When reached for comment, Kirkpatrick’s spokesman, Dan Mitchell, said, “Today, there’s news that Ann Kirkpatrick’s legislation to tackle the VA backlog was signed into law. And then there’s news that an out-of-state SuperPAC is dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into attack ads against her. Which of these actually helps Arizonans?”

Kirkpatrick’s bill, which seeks to address the backlog in benefits claims for veterans, was signed late last year, but an article about it was published Monday.

Barber’s  office has yet to call back for comment.

Tom Jenney, the director of AFP’s Arizona chapter, said the ads will run for three weeks at a cost of $650,000.

This is not the first time that AFP, which seeks the repeal of the federal law, has gone after the two Democrats. The group also ran TV ads blasting Kirkpatrick and Barber last year.

“Our media blitz is really aimed at pressuring Arizona lawmakers to take a look at the pain they’re causing and change tracks. We won’t be satisfied without a full repeal,” AFP president Tim Philips said in a news release yesterday.

The latest ratings by the Rothenberg Political Report, a non-partisan newsletter covering congressional races, identifies Barber’s contest as a pure tossup and Kirkpatrick’s as a tossup tilting slightly Democratic.

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