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Hearing today on repeal of new election law

Rep. Eddie Farnsworth (File Photo)

Rep. Eddie Farnsworth (File Photo)

An Arizona House committee is set to hear a bill repealing a sweeping 2013 election law that galvanized voter’s rights groups, Democrats and third-party candidates.

House Bill 2196 from Republican Rep. Eddie Farnsworth is set for its first hearing Thursday in the House Judiciary Committee. Farnsworth says repealing last year’s House Bill 2305 is necessary to avoid an expensive election.

Groups opposing the law collected enough signatures to put it on hold and refer it to voters in November. Republicans are worried a voter rejection would prevent them from enacting new election law changes.

Referendum supporters call the repeal effort a thinly disguised effort to avoid the election and allow Republicans to re-enact its provisions piecemeal.

Farnsworth says he isn’t pushing for re-enacting the provisions but said other lawmakers might.

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